Understanding website programming costs and timings are essential, for both project management and your own budget. That’s why I’ve put together my website development cost calculator.

Before you start

How much does a web developer charge? Well that can vary from project to project as each website has its own unique requirements. Additional features like contact forms, Google Maps integration and the use of social media APIs will increase both time and costs.

The calculator should only be used as a guide and must be followed up with a detailed quotation once I have been fully briefed on the scale and functionality of your project. That being said it should act as a good starter for most projects and answer many common queries, including:

  • Website development costs
  • How much does a website cost
  • WooCommerce website development costs
  • WordPress website development costs

To get an estimate for your next project please complete the form below.

Cost calculator

Total unique page templates
I calculate my costs based on the total amount of unique page templates required. A unique page is a design that is different in its layout and visual appearance to any other page on the site. An example would be the homepage as it is normally not repeated anywhere else.

For WooCommerce projects do not include templates required for the cart, checkout, registration / sign-in or member areas. These templates have been automatically included in the cost.

Enter the total amount of pages required.

Development type
I can provide a full-stack service whereby I create both the frontend and backend markup. Alternatively I can just provide frontend or backend markup.

Choose the development type that best suits your project.

For projects that require backend development please select your required platform.

Next steps

If you’re looking to move ahead with your project and would like a detailed quotation, or just an informal chat about your requirements, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.