My website development process is intended to get us from an initial brief to a working end solution. All in the most time-efficient and cost-effective way. I’ve outlined the steps I take below. If you choose to work with me you can even follow along and contribute via your own dedicated Trello project board. This keeps you in the loop and on track with the current state of the project.


Every build starts with an initial Q&A session to help me learn more about your website. This will usually start with reviewing the page visuals your web designer has created.

I’ll then be looking to learn about the purpose of your website. So for example, is it an ecommerce build, a blog or maybe a traditional brochure website? My aim is to understand how your users intend to interact with your website (i.e commenting, forums etc) and what devices they will be using to view it, as these can differ depending if it’s consumer or business to business.


By taking the time to learn about your website I can create a plan of action. This will start with a estimated time to completion and flat-rate costing for the build.

I will be in the position to choose any appropriate website technologies. Including what third party technologies we need, (i.e Google maps, social feeds, Disqus commenting). If appropriate any beneficial WordPress plugins will be added, for example SEO content analysis and security software.


The penultimate stage of this website development process involves recreating the visual page designs. I’ll do this using HTML 5, CSS 3 and a selection of my own chosen website technologies. If the website is to be content managed then pages will be converted into your own fully bespoke WordPress or Hugo theme.

Your website will be browser tested, including using the W3C HTML and CSS validation tool. This ensures your website is efficient on load times, free of development errors and supported in all major browsers.

Optimise & publish

With your site developed and fully browser tested we’re ready to publish your site. I’m experienced in working with the majority of the UK’s most popular hosts. For WordPress I highly recommend Flywheel.

I first optimise your site, by removing any production files and minifying JavaScript and CSS. If your server supports it I can also enable Gzip compression, browser caching & keep-alive. Methods that will speed up the load time of your site and improve your GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights scores.

For an additional cost I can setup any preferred plugins and support for Google Analytics and Search Console.


Included in my services is one-to-one training on how to use and get the most out of your website. We’ll go over how to use your sites core features. Including editing and adding text to a page, importing images and videos.

For WordPress & Shopify sites, updates will become available to install long after your site is built and published. For an agreed fee I can continue to maintain your website. Services include installing updates and taking regular backups, which will keep your website secure and error free.