New Site Launched

So version 2.0 of my site is now out in the wild. After almost two years I felt it was time for a refresh, both visually and from a technical perspective. This time around I’ve decided to move from WordPress to Hugo, a static site generator built with Go. I couldn’t be more happier with the results.

Since I built my previous site back in 2015 we’ve seen a huge shift in technology. Flexbox was not an option due to IE 10 support, task runners were in their infancy and continuous integration was rarely seen. I’m happy to say the new site is now able to take advantage of all these great development tools.

Why Hugo?

So why drop WordPress? Well for most clients (myself included) I think WordPress can be overkill, add to that the slower page load times and required maintenance and you’ll see why Hugo is such an attractive platform. You can learn more about Hugo and static site generators in this post, but suffice to say I’ve been able to maintain a CMS, automate deployment and deliver my site at lightning speeds.

Keep posted for more information on Hugo and continuous integration soon. In the meantime if you have an upcoming development project you want to discuss feel free to get in touch.