Classic Motor Hub

Front end, WordPress and WooCommerce development for classic car club

Classic Motor Hub homepage


The Classic Motor Hub is an established club for motoring enthusiasts. I was contacted by the agency responsible for the visual design of the site. They asked if I would be able to build the site from supplied Photoshop visuals using Foundation Framework for the front end and WooCommerce as the CMS.

The agency was supplied with a fully responsive custom WooCommerce theme, inline with the supplied visuals and technical specification. I gave a full handover and CMS training prior to publishing the site and now provide regular maintenance and support for the site.

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As part of my 4 stage process, each website I build is tailored to the clients needs and requirements. Each site is unique, I never use off the shelf themes. In addition to my standard web development technologies, below are a few of the features found on this website.

eCommerce shop
A fully bespoke WooCommerce theme was built to match the client visuals. This allowed for a shop page whereby users could browse, sort, search and purchase products for sale.

Bespoke Instagram feed
There was a requirement to display the clients Instagram feed on the website. Using the Instagram API I built a custom module to display their feed in a touch enabled slider. The Instagram account details could be managed by the WordPress back end, should they want to show an alternative feed.

Events calendar
The functional spec included a requirement for events, which could be sorted by date and filtered by category. I built a bespoke events system which allowed the client to add events (either paid or free).

Vehicle showroom
Included in the build was a bespoke virtual showroom to list vehicles for sale. The client had full CMS control to add a vehicle, including images, description and a custom mail-to address for enquiries submitted via the contact form.

Google Maps integration
The client requested we include a Google map detailing their exact location. To match the supplied page visuals I included relevant markup using the API to display a Google map. The client had total control over the placement of map pin and zoom level via the WordPress CMS.