The Garden Office

Front end web development for bespoke garden office company

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The Garden Office specialise in the design and construction of garden office spaces. I was contacted by the agency responsible for the visual designs, they had a back end WordPress developer in house, but due to other commitments asked if I could provide front end development of the page visuals.

The agency was supplied with fully responsive and optimised front end markup. It was delivered matching their supplied visuals and true to their technical specification.

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As part of my 4 stage process, each website I build is tailored to the clients needs and requirements. Each site is unique, I never use off the shelf themes. In addition to my standard web development technologies, below are a few of the features found on this website.

Dynamic cost calculator
Each office space can be built to a specific size / area. To enhance user experience I engineered a dynamic cost calculator, this allowed a user to select a specific size, which would return a price and floor plan (in real-time using Canvas API).

Google directions API integration
The specification required a user to lookup directions to the showroom. Using the Google Maps directions API I engineered a user interface to allow a user to enter their postcode, this returned a turn-by-turn direction list, travel time, distance and map overview.