Service overview

From my studio in Cambridgeshire I work as a freelance frontend developer. I specialise in the frontend development of websites, leaving you with the freedom to use your own preferred CMS and backend developer.

Cambridgeshire Freelance Frontend Developer

Is this service for you

Freelance frontend web development can mean a lot of things these days. This service relates to traditional static markup of website page visuals, using a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

My freelance frontend developer service is best suited to independent web designers, creative design agencies and small to medium businesses who have a backend developer in place, but require the assistance of a freelance frontend web developer to markup their page visuals.

What’s included

Pixel perfect recreation of your visuals
I appreciate good design and understand the importance of creating a faithful recreation of your visuals. I can reassure you that my attention to detail is second to none. So if it’s a 2 pixel border you ask for, a 2 pixel border is just what you’ll get.

Browser testing and QA
Each site I build is fully tested for bugs and quality assurance before it leaves my studio. I test on live devices which ensures an accurate representation. In the unlikely event you find a bug just shout, I provide a 30 day warranty on all my work.

Headache free markup
A developer shouldn’t have to worry about interpreting poorly written code. I aim to make the markup I supply easy to read, modify and extend. I achieve this with detailed commenting, semantic class naming, logical file structuring and industry standard technologies. You can learn more about how I build my sites on my technology page.

Developer handover
A full handover is included, at no extra cost. I’ll provide a detailed one-to-one overview of the supplied source code. I’ll also be on hand to answer any additional queries you may have during the development of the backend.

How much could it cost

Unlike some, I don’t like to bill by the hour. Instead I’ll review the requirements of your project and provide a flat-rate cost for my freelance frontend developer service. I find this is much more transparent and beneficial for both parties. The costs of a typical frontend development project will vary depending on the scope and scale, for a quick estimate use my website cost calculator, or for a detailed quotation please get in touch.

What my clients say…

James was a pleasure to do business with. His pragmatic approach to development and his clear enthusiasm for his trade made outsourcing work to him seamless and easy. The designs were carried across to development perfectly and the code base was well structured and easy for our back end developer to pick up.

I would definitely recommend James to work with.

Beth Goldsworthy

I worked with James on a recent project where his knowledge proved to be invaluable. James has the perfect expertise balance across design and development and will always suggest and implement the best approach for the project needs.

James is punctual, consistent, easy going and proactive. I would highly recommend James and all the skills he has to offer.

Sarah Knott
The Union