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Got your own preferred CMS and backend developer, but need a freelance frontend developer to markup your visuals? No problem, I can help you there...

Freelance frontend developer for hire

From my studio in Cambridgeshire I work with design agencies as a freelance frontend developer. Using Foundation as my frontend framework, I’ll supply you with just the frontend markup of your visuals. Which gives you the freedom to use your own preferred CMS and in-house backend developer.

What is a frontend framework?

A frontend framework is a collection of core components and styles that can be used as a starting point (or foundation) for any website build. This reduces the build time and repetition of creating the most common elements usually found on a website. If you’re outsourcing your build a framework can really help to reduce your development costs.

Freelance frontend developer

Why choose Foundation?

There are many benefits in choosing Foundation over Bootstrap, an alternative framework used by other freelance frontend developers. These include the core technologies the framework is built on, the size of the user base and ease of customisation. Below are some further examples why Foundation is the right choice for your site.

1 Open source

Foundation’s origins date back to 2008 when it was used as a prototyping platform. In 2011 the Foundation we know today was first launched to the public as an open source project. Which means it’s free to use, with no limitations on modifying its functionality to suit your project.

2 Built on SASS

Foundation is built on SASS, a hugely popular extension of the CSS language. This promotes efficient development techniques, which reduces frontend development time and ultimately the costs to build your website.

3 Mobile first

Responsive web design comes naturally to those who use Foundation framework. An excellent mobile first and fluid grid system adapts to any given viewport. Which is great for SEO & your users.

4 Fully customisable

A common complaint against Bootstrap is the time a frontend developer will take striping out the pre-defined styles. Foundation’s bare-bones appearance and SASS mixins make customising the frame work a quick and simple process.

5 Trusted by the biggest brands

Foundation is the frontend framework of choice for some of the world’s biggest brands. Top names include Mini, Coca Cola, Barclays Bank & Ford to name a few.

Foundation Features

Fluid grid

Foundation features a 12 column fluid grid by default. It’s mobile first and fully customisable to suit any design. As it’s built on percentages and not pixels the grid will adapt to any given viewport, making your site fully responsive.

Foundation off-canvas navigation

Responsive navigation

The benefits of a frontend framework include the ready-made components available to a frontend developer. One of the best is the off-canvas navigation. It’s fully customisable and allows easy and intuitive navigation of smaller viewports.

Foundation Abide validation

Abide form validation

Validating forms and user input is vital for the security of your site. Foundation features Abide, a HTML5 validation library that supports predefined and custom input patterns. It’s quick & easy to setup and fully customisable to suit any given design.

Foundation Interchange


Foundation includes Interchange, a technology that allows the display of different content depending on the type and size of the users device. This can include anything from images to individual parts of a page known as partials.

Foundation Motion UI

Motion UI

Foundation now includes its own CSS animation library called Motion UI. It’s great for adding subtle transitions and animations to your site.These animations are powered by CSS and not jQuery, so they can benefit from hardware acceleration on iPad / iPhone.

What’s included in the service?

Pixel perfect recreation of your visuals

I appreciate good design and understand the importance of creating a faithful recreation of your Photoshop visuals. I can reassure you that my attention to detail is second to none. So if it’s a 2 pixel border in Photoshop, a 2 pixel border in CSS is just what you’ll get.

Fully responsive

Every developer should be building their sites to be responsive, no excuses! My freelance frontend developer service is mobile first and fully responsive (not just built around common break points). This is at no extra charge, which is great for SEO, user experience and budget.

Headache free markup

Working with legacy code can be a nightmare, a developer shouldn’t have to worry about interpreting poorly written code. I aim to make the frontend markup I supply easy to read, modify and extend. I achieve this with detailed commenting, semantic class naming, logical file structuring and SASS powered styling.

Managed by Bower & CodeKit

As detailed on my technologies overview page. I use CodeKit for all my web development projects, which includes Bower for any dependencies. At the core of each project is a JSON config file. Just drag and drop this into your copy of CodeKit and you’ll be up and running in seconds!

Supplied fully optimised

My frontend markup is always supplied fully optimised. This includes SEO friendly tags and optimised images /  assets. In addition to this, if you anticipate no changes to the CSS and JavaScript files I can supply these in both their original and minified / Gzipped versions.

Backend handover included

A full handover is included, at no extra cost. I’ll provide your backend developer with a detailed 1 to 1 overview of the supplied markup. I’ll also be on hand to answer any additional queries you may have during the development of the backend.

How much will it cost?

Unlike some, I don’t like to bill by the hour. Instead I’ll review the requirements of your project and provide a flat-rate cost for the development of your website. I find this is much more transparent and beneficial for both parties. The costs of a typical project will vary depending on the scope and scale, so for a quotation please get in touch.

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