Is my freelance Gatsby developer service right for your requirements?

If you’ve shortlisted my service via a search for “Freelance Gatsby Developer”, then it’s likely you know exactly what you are looking for and why Gatsby is one of the best platforms for your next static website. That being said, I’ve outlined a few common scenarios that can help you decide if this service is right for your next project.

This service will suit those who:

  • Are in the initial stages of designing their Gatsby website visuals and would like to hire a freelance Gatsby developer to consult on the project
  • Require an experienced freelance Gatsby developer to build a bespoke Gatsby static website from their provided page visual designs
  • Have existing data, accessible via an API (for example WordPress REST API or Strapi) and require a freelance Gatsby developer to build a bespoke front end
  • Are looking to migrate a traditional WordPress LAMP stack website over to a modern React based stack
  • Would like outsource the development of both a bespoke Gastby front end and a decoupled headless CMS (for example WordPress or Strapi)

My service will not suit those who:

  • Are looking to cut costs by modifying or extending an off-the-shelf Gatsby theme
  • Have a part finished Gatsby project and require a new freelance Gatsby developer to complete the build
  • Are looking for a website design service

What does my freelance Gatsby developer service include?

A bespoke Gatsby theme
Part of my ethos is to never use off-the-shelf themes, each and every Gatsby website I build is bespoke to your functional specification and designs. This provides a more streamlined workflow and allows me to fully optimise your website for both SEO and performance.

Full content management of your data
If you choose to add backend development to your project, my freelance Gatsby developer service can include the addition of full CMS functionality to modify your website data. I choose to use Strapi (a node.js based CMS), or if you prefer WordPress (as a headless CMS). I will listen to your requirements to always recommend the best choice for your needs and budget.

Industry standard development techniques and technologies
My freelance Gatsby developer service takes advantage of the modern stack used by Gatsby. Your website will be built using cutting edge techniques and technologies, including Webpack, Babel and GraphQL.

Testing and quality assurance
Each and every Gatsby website I develop is built using test driven development (TDD). As part of the development lifecycle, your website source code will be unit tested with Jest, checked for errors with ESLint and formatted to agreed coding standards using Prettier. As with all my builds, I provide a 30 day warranty. In the unlikely event you do find a bug, just shout and I’ll put it right.

Deployment of your Gatsby website
Included in my freelance Gatsby developer service is the deployment of your website to the host of your choice. If you’re unsure on what host to choose, I can advise on the best solution for your budget and needs.

Why choose Gatsby?

Cambridgeshire Freelance Gatsby Developer

Built on a modern JavaScript stack
The front end landscape has exploded over the last few years, with many developers choosing React and JavaScript over more traditional LAMP / PHP based approaches. With this comes a whole load of benefits, including; modular component architecture, test driven development and fully automated continuous deployment pipelines.

Provides outstanding page load speeds
Unlike a traditional website like WordPress, which serves requests by querying a database, populating a specific template and returning the results. Gatsby compiles to static HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This results in incredible performance, with near instant page loads for your users and a huge boost to your SEO rankings.

Platform agonistic
Gatsby will work with any data source that can provide an API, it can even pass simple Markdown files. By decoupling the backend, you can mitigate data lock-in and if required, even switch to an entirely new CMS without a major re-build of your existing front end.

Open source
Gatsby is open source and free to use; there are no upfront fees, monthly subscriptions or extra costs for additional plugins. This makes it an excellent choice for most businesses, especially those working to a budget.

Highly reliable and secure
Stability and security are one of the benefits of the serverless nature of Gatsby. Downtime from DDOS attacks or simply a spike in traffic are almost nonexistent.

Extensible with plugins
Gatsby has a huge developer community and with that comes a large library of plugins to extend your website. For the budget conscious, this can facilitate extra functionality at a lower cost to entry.

How much could it cost to hire me as your freelance Gatsby developer?

Unlike some, I don’t like to bill by the hour. Instead I’ll review the requirements of your project and provide a flat-rate cost for my freelance Gatsby developer service. I find this is much more transparent and beneficial for both parties.

The costs of a typical Gatsby development project will vary depending on the scope and scale, so for a detailed quotation please get in touch.

What my clients say about my freelance Gatsby developer service

James was a pleasure to do business with. His pragmatic approach to development and his clear enthusiasm for his trade made outsourcing work to him seamless and easy. The designs were carried across to development perfectly and the code base was well structured and easy for our back end developer to pick up.

I would definitely recommend James to work with.

Beth Goldsworthy

We contacted James and asked if he could develop one of our website designs for us, we were delighted with the result, both in turnaround time and quality. James also made several recommendations in advance, these steps helped to streamline the website technically, saving us time and money.

I can only rate James as tip-top!

Gary Lawson
G1 Creative