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From my studio in Cambridgeshire I work as a freelance React developer, specialising in the development of React based single page applications and progressive web apps. If you’re looking to outsource a React based project, or just want to learn if the library is right for you then please read on.

Cambridgeshire Freelance React Developer

Is this service right for you

My freelance React developer service is not to be confused with traditional native iOS and Android development. This service relates to the development of single page applications and progressive web apps that run through a web browser using the React JavaScript library.

Note: If you’re after a React based CMS or static website, I recommend my Gatsby service.

What’s included

A faithful recreation of your application visuals
React single page application development is a time consuming and expensive task, many hours will have been devoted to both UX and UI design. Unlike some developers, I appreciate this and will approach the build with the attention to detail your project deserves.

Industry standard development techniques and technologies
Your application will be built inline with some of the most current and popular techniques and technologies, including Webpack, Babel and Redux. This ensures a high quality, future proof execution. Learn more about my chosen web and app development technologies.

Testing and quality assurance
Each React development project I undertake is crafted with the upmost of care and attention. As part of the process, your application source code will be unit tested with Jest, linted with ESLint and formatted with Prettier. I provide a 30 day warranty on all my work, so in the unlikely event you find a bug, just shout and I’ll put it right.

Why React

Developed, used and maintained by Facebook
You’re in safe hands choosing React, not only does the library power a huge collection of public projects, it’s used internally by Facebook and many other well known companies, including; Uber, Netflix and Twitter. The library has its own dedicated development team and boasts frequent updates and new features, making it a popular choice amongst the developer community.

Component based development
React encourages and compliments modular component development, which leads to a more efficient workflow, with less repetition and quicker build times.

Optimised for performance
Out of the box React performance is great and when further optimised, your users will find its speed is comparable to a native application. Depending on the scope of the project, your application can even be built to work offline.

Flexible and extendable
React is a library, not a framework, which means it’s less opinionated and more flexible to fitting your particular needs. Due to its popularity, the library boasts thousands of open source packages, reducing both time and cost that would be spent engineering solutions from the ground up.

How much could it cost

Unlike some, I don’t like to bill by the hour. Instead I’ll review the requirements of your project and provide a flat-rate cost for my freelance React developer service. I find this is much more transparent and beneficial for both parties.

The costs of a typical React development project will vary depending on the scope and scale, so for a detailed quotation please get in touch.

What my clients say…

James approaches every project with a high level of execution and perfection. I don't think I have ever met another developer with this particular detailed approach. The end result is meticulously delivered every time and reduces QA at the end considerably.

Thanks James for your time at Brave so far.

Tony Conte
Brave Creative

James is an experienced developer with a broad range of skills. He consulted with me on a web project and he has demonstrated competence, excellent communications skills and attitude. James is professional yet friendly and he knows how to provide ROI for a web project.

Janis Segreto