From my studio in Cambridgeshire, I work as a freelance WooCommerce developer. I build bespoke WooCommerce powered ecommerce websites for a variety of small to medium businesses and design agencies. So if you’re looking for a freelance WooCommerce developer, or just want to learn if WooCommerce is suitable for your business, please read on.

Is this service for you

My freelance WooCommerce developer service is best suited to design agencies and companies who are looking for both frontend and backend WooCommerce development. That being said, I am able to take supplied frontend markup and convert this into a bespoke WooCommerce theme.

WooCommerce is built on WordPress and self hosted, that means you’ll be responsible for the hosting, security and payment gateways to allow your customers to purchase your goods. If you’d prefer a managed solution I’d recommend my Shopify development service.

Note: This service is not suited to those that are looking for a low cost solution by modifying or extending upon an off-the-shelf WooCommerce theme.

What’s included

A bespoke WooCommmerce theme
Each and every WooCommmerce site I build is bespoke. Put simply I stay well clear of third party themes! By providing a tailored service I can ensure your site is faithful to your designs, functions as intended and is optimised for SEO and performance.
Fully content managed
Where I can, I ensure all aspects of the site are client editable from the WooCommerce admin dashboard. That includes; navigation, footer content & contact forms to name a few. If you want to lock down access to specific users I can even customise the admin to suit.
WordPress is renowned for its simplicity and ease of use and WooCommerce extends on this. As part of my freelance WooCommerce developer service I will provide an introduction to the software and training on how to use and get the most out of your new ecommerce store.
Pushing your site live
Once signed off I can migrate your WooCommerce site from my own development server to a host of your choice. For optimum performance & security I recommend Flywheel for hosting and CloudFlare for DNS and CDN.

Why WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a hugely popular ecommerce platform from Autommatic, the company behind Built on top of WordPress, it allows store owners the power to sell anything, whilst remaining intuitive and easy to use.

Low cost of entry
WooCommerce has a much lower cost of entry compared to the likes of Magento. This is due to a larger developer base and more efficient templating engine. The initial software and PayPal gateway can even have you up and running for free (minus development costs).
Extendable via plugins
WooCommere includes a library of over 300 actively maintained extensions. They extend the functionality of the core ecommerce software to suit your individual requirements. Examples include accounting integration, payment gateways, marketing & POS to name a few.
Self hosted
With WooCommerce you call the shots. It’s a self hosted ecommerce platform, so the database and theme files all reside on your server. It’s great for flexibility and your own piece of mind!
Built on WordPress
WooCommerce was solely built for, and seamlessly integrates with WordPress. As such you’ll find the software easy to learn, intuitive to use and compatible with a vast library of plugins you already know and love.

How much could it cost

Unlike some, I don’t like to bill by the hour. Instead I’ll review the requirements of your project and provide a flat-rate cost for the development of your WordPress website. I find this is much more transparent and beneficial for both parties. The costs of a typical project will vary depending on the scope and scale, so for a quotation please get in touch.